Client Testimonial #1:

“When my separation began I told my friend I need 2 things: a beautiful apartment and a great lawyer. I was blessed to find both. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into my case.” —FN (Nov 2010)

Client Testimonial #2:

“I am very grateful for your insight and feel stronger and more confident that I can direct and guide myself and my children through anything the future holds for me. Again, my most genuine recognition for your efforts and trouble on my behalf.” —KS (Sept. 97)

Client Testimonial #3:

“I cannot thank you enough! … I cannot imagine the reward you will ultimately get from the many, many women you have freed from captivity. May God bless you and you family forever after.” —MF

Client Testimonial #4:

“You are an amazing lawyer who knows all his stuff and then some!! I am sure I was most hyper many times, but you managed to see me through the worst. For that I am grateful!!…So let me say thanks now, and I hope you know how HAPPY I truly am. Thanks so very much for doing a great job with my file. Muchly appreciated” —KJ

Client Testimonial #5:

“Thanks for Freedom in 2011.” —R & S B

Client Testimonial #6:

“I know its not a lot but I wanted to at least send you something to say thank you for all of your hard work on my behalf…Words are not enough…thank you…Just wanted to express my gratitude.” —D